Venefit Treatment for Varicose Veins

There’s great news for those suffering from unattractive varicose veins or Chronic Venous Insufficiency: there is a new, highly effective procedure called Venefit that dermatologists are using to treat the problem. Venefit is an example of highly sophisticated technological advancement that offers maximum accuracy and precision, faster recovery time and less bruising and pain than alternative treatment methods.

What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins are caused by a malfunction in the veins that prevents them from carrying blood from the legs back to the heart. The blood instead collects in the legs, causing discoloration, vein enlargement and bumpy, uneven skin. In addition to being physically unattractive and embarrassing, varicose veins, left untreated, can cause bigger problems like Chronic Venous Insufficiency, or CVI, a condition characterized by permanently damaged vein valves that cause blood to leak backwards. This can lead to more varicose veins as well as swelling and pain from the pooled blood. It can also interfere with your movement by making you more tired and sluggish. In extreme cases, it can cause ulcers.

A solution to varicose veins?

Although this sounds scary, there is comfort in knowing you can save yourself a lot of agony by talking to a dermatologist about Venefit. Venefit is the only minimally invasive procedure available that uses a special type of radiofrequency energy to target the problem leg veins. Heat is evenly distributed to the vein walls, causing varicose veins to deflate and close off. This then allows the healthy veins to pick up the collected blood and carry it back to the heart. The procedure involves minimal discomfort while offering maximum results.

Take action at the first sign of a problem. With Venefit now available to efficiently zap disfiguring veins into oblivion, there is no excuse to wait for the condition to get worse or for the pain to become unbearable. Suffer no more – call a dermatologist now and see how you can benefit from Venefit!

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