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At Valencia Dermatology, our board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic consultants have immense experience in helping people with their skincare needs. Our very own Dr. Daniel Taheri and Dr. Sam Abaza both have 20+ years in dermatology and mohs surgery — the most effective skin cancer treatment. Furthermore, they are highly skilled cosmetic dermatologists, so that you achieve the best cosmetic result for your skin care treatment needs.

Our Med Spa in Santa Clarita Valley offers Botox injectables, Coolsculpting, acne scar removals, and varicose vein treatments. We have helped thousands of people in Valencia achieve healthy, glowing skin, and we are happy to discuss how our cosmetic treatments can fit your unique needs. Call us today to hear more about our cosmetic and medical dermatology treatment options.

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At Valenica Dermatology, our providers utilize the most effective dermatology techniques with the latest in laser technology. Our cosmetic and medical dermatologists have decades of experience treating skin cancer, atypical nevi and acne. We are the most comprehensive dermatology practice in the Santa Clarita Valley.


 Our patients delight in the many cosmetic treatments we offer. We provide them with Vbeam laser treatments, Coolsculpting, Ultherapy and laser hair removal. Click here to receive a free skincare product with your first appointment.


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