A Nonsurgical Way to Lift, Tighten, and Tone Skin

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Ultherapy Treatment to Minimize Sagging Around Eyes, Neck and Face

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is designed to dramatically lift and tighten the skin while minimizing sagging around the eyes, neck and face. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure uses ultrasound technology to penetrate into the deepest skin layers, without causing damage to the outer layers of skin. Anyone who is starting to see signs of aging or whose skin has become less firm is considered a candidate for Ultherapy.


It is far more effective than its older counterparts such as thermage, titan and refirme.

How does Ultherapy Treatment work?

The Ulthera System delivers low levels of heat to the targeted areas as sound waves are directed into the skin. As the skin’s connective tissue becomes heated, collagen production is stimulated and sagging tissue lifts and tightens.

How long will a treatment session take?

One thing potential patients can look forward to is that this procedure usually lasts less than 60 minutes. The length of it can vary depending on the areas of the skin being treated.

Will the procedure be physically demanding?

One of the main benefits of Ultherapy is that there is no downtime and patients can resume their normal activities after receiving treatment. Mild redness and tenderness of the skin is expected after the procedure, although these effects are only temporary and dissipate within a few hours.

What kind of results should I expect?

The majority of patients will only require one Ultherapy treatment session to achieve dramatic results. Skin is noticeably tighter, firmer and appears rejuvenated after treatment, in addition to an improvement in texture. Although some results will be visible immediately following the procedure, full results are expected within two to three months.

Ultherapy vs. Thermage

In clinical studies done in our office, Ulthera provided vastly better results than Thermage in lifting and tightening the skin. There was no comparison.Our board-certified dermatologists are certain the results from ultherapy are far more pleasing to our patients.

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