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At LA Laser Center in Palm Desert, Riverside County we offer our patients premier skin care services, treatments and skin cancer screenings and examinations. Due to the high temperatures and exposure to heat, many of our patients opt for routine skin examinations for mole screenings and other new growths with our board-certified dermatologists. In the circumstance that a tumor or pre-cancerous lesion has developed, our dermatologic surgeons intervene to remove the tumor or lesion before it advances or grows into a more dangerous condition. Utilizing a popular technique known as Mohs micrographic surgery, our surgeons are able to effectively eliminate the cancer or tumor while preserving the most amount of healthy skin tissue as possible. Various cancers exist such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma and others. Pre-cancerous skin lesions include acitinic keratosis and lentigo maligna.

Our practice also offers cosmetic treatments including facials, chemical peels, facial fillers, Botox and laser treatments such as the Fractional C02 laser. We perform plastic surgery procedures and a wide variety of enhancements to the face, body and breasts. These include body sculpting, liposuction, ultrasound therapy, light therapy and more.

Hair restoration services, tattoo removal, spray tanning and acne and scar treatment are other possibilties. These treatments are all in addition to medical dermatologic examinations and treatments of skin conditions such as psorasis, eczema, skin tags, warts, cysts, and more.

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Palm Desert Dermatology & Skin Cancer
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