NeoGraft Hair Transplant System for Hair Restoration

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If the idea of thinning hair and balding keeps you up all night with worry and dread, stop wasting time and instead take action. As the #1 NeoGraft hair transplant clinic in Los Angeles, LA Laser Center offers a permanent solution to hair loss that provides you with your own hair.

What is the NeoGraft Hair Transplant System?

NeoGraft is a hair restoration procedure that can bring your hair back to its former full, luxurious and healthy glory. It allows the most precise, robotic-controlled and consistent FUE (follicular unit extraction) harvesting available and is performed under the supervision of a highly-trained board certified dermatologist and experienced staff. FUE methods work by extracting singular hair follicles and then transferring them onto other key parts of the scalp — specifically those that are experiencing undesirable balding or hair thinning.

Why is NeoGraft so effective for hair restoration?

NeoGraft offers many exciting advantages to its patients. First, it’s much less invasive than many other similar hair replacement procedures. Most patients who undergo NeoGraft don’t experience any pain or discomfort. Scalpel incisions, staples, stitches and unattractive linear scars are all nonexistent with NeoGraft, too. If you have short locks, a linear scar can make an unsightly nuisance. NeoGraft, however, poses no risk of that.

NeoGraft is superior to the standard “strip method” for hair replacement in many different ways. With the strip method, patients require a significant healing period. This sluggish recovery period prevents them from going about their normal activities and routines for several weeks. Who has time for that? Patients of the strip method also experience linear scars behind their heads. Pain, considerable bleeding and numbness usually come with the strip method, too. With NeoGraft procedures, however, all those factors become irrelevant. If you want to feel comfortable and relaxed about hair replacement, NeoGraft is the way to go. Whether you want a younger looking hairline or luxurious, glossy hair in general, it’s time to get smart and look into NeoGraft hair transplants.

What are the benefits of NeoGraft?

  • NeoGraft is the only robotic and computer-assisted system in the United States that is FDA approved.
  • This hair restoration procedure has a higher survival rate of hair grafts versus any other method available, including all manual techniques.
  • NeoGraft has an increased accuracy of graft harvesting and is a simple and easy procedure with no linear scar and no stitches
  • There is no visible detection of donor sites with short hair or during swimming activities.
  • The procedure is much less painful than other techniques and offers a shorter recovery time, which allows you return to normal activities must faster.

Improve the way you look and feel with our hair restoration procedures

If you have thinning hair or pattern baldness, look into the advantages of NeoGraft today. Thinning hair and pattern baldness are issues that regularly affect men and women alike. Not only can they put a damper on your physical appearance, but they can also adversely affect your self-esteem and happiness — the last thing you need.

Results and experience you can trust

Dr. Daniel Taheri is an award-winning board-certified dermatologist based in Los Angeles, CA. He has over19 years of experience performing hair transplants and is a leader in the field of FUE hair transplant procedures. With our combination of extremely competitive prices and absolutely outstanding results, we far surpass our competition.

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