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Tighten your jawline and remove sagging skin with a neck lift!

As people mature into their later years, many will find their neck can sag with excess tissue or their jaw line might not be as tight as it used to be. This is a natural part of aging. Just because our appearance changes as we age does not mean we must endure an effect that detracts from one’s vigor or vitality. Facial rejuvenation is a process that can be used to great effect to present an outer image that matches one’s inner desires.

A procedure used in facial rejuvenation called neck liposuction is useful for tightening up the neck and restoring firmness to the jaw line. Neck liposuction is the preferred option especially for women and men who might possess excess tissue around the neck and skin that is both responsive and elastic.

Why neck liposuction is a popular procedures among patients

The neck is a highly visible area presented in public places. The neck is often under scrutiny by the general public in addition to those close to us. One only need look at how often the neck is included in screen shots of television, advertisements and films to realize this to be true. A good dermatologistunderstands how visible a neck is to others, which is why the best professionals who administer this procedure make sure not to leave any visible incisions.

The small incisions made during facial rejuvenation that involve liposuction of the neck include a small cut under one’s chin and a second cut made discreetly behind the ear in the crease of the earlobe. These are hidden areas not easily seen by others. Those desiring a more youthful presentation can rest assured that altering the age markers in the neck and jaw is a simple hidden process with minimal recovery time.

Neck liposuction continues to be one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in our various offices throughout California and Nevada. Prior to conducting this procedure, it’s important to sit down with our patients to understand their desired outcomes and to assess their physical condition.

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