Tighten your jawline and remove sagging skin with a neck lift!

Neck lifts are becoming increasingly popular with younger and older people. A neck lift is a procedure done to enhance the neck area. Often times people lose a lot of weight and this leaves excess skin in areas where it use to hold a fuller appearance. Also, when people age the same effect occurs. Whatever the reason, a neck lift can give that smooth, defined appearance to the neck. We’re proud to perform neck lift procedures in our various offices throughout California and Nevada.

Two Types of Neck Lift Procedures

When inquiring about a lift done on the area of the neck, there are two types of procedures that come into play. Cervicoplasty is the procedure that removes excess skin. Platysmaplasty is the procedure that alters or removes the muscles within the neck. Board-certified dermatologists are best to confer with on problem areas of the face and neck. Depending on what the problem area of the neck is, Botox can be used in areas where banding of the neck muscles are bothersome. The dermatologist will discuss what options are best suited for the patient’s need.

Candidates for Plastic Surgery of the Neck

The best candidates for plastic surgery of the neck are people that have excessive skin in the neck area, excess fat, or a turkey wattle neck. The turkey wattle neck is a neck that appears banded because of loose neck muscles. Restoring the natural definition of the neck will give back that confidence and youthful appearance people are meant to have.

Plastic surgery takes about one to four hours. But if the neck surgery is combined with another procedure such as liposuction, then more time will be allotted. All incisions are made behind the ear or under the chin so that no scarring is visible, or very minimal. Anesthesia depends on the patient’s comfort level. If the patient wishes to be asleep during the procedure, be sure to discuss this and other thoughts on the desired outcome after the surgery is completed.

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