Marketing Project Request Form

All Marketing Project Request Forms are reviewed on Wednesday of each week and the Marketing Team will respond by the following Monday with a APPROVAL and projected timeline for completion or to request a meeting with you (by phone or in person) to clarify your needs and ensure they align with the overarching marketing strategic plan and budget.

Please include ALL of these Project details in your submission (if applicable):

· Image /Print Dimensions
· The “sale” i.e.: Regular Price, Sale Price
· Brands /Products /Services included
· Time/Date of Event /Offer Deadline
· Specific Copy You’d like to Push: Reason for treatment /procedure
· Where this image /print will be placed (i.e., Outside front door, at reception in display placard…etc.)

Please provide at least 14 days AFTER APPROVAL for completion so that we can integrate your project request with our company-wide schedule and strategic marketing plan.

We will no longer be accepting any requests for email campaigns outside of this form being submitted completely. This will allow us to maximize our time and be more efficient to support all of our locations with their marketing needs.