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For many people, the body’s presentation of time and age do not match the inner desires or youthful spirit of an individual. Facial rejuvenation is an excellent option for sculpting the body to present an image of youth or vigor, which matches with the personal desires of presentation.

One of the symptoms of aging in the face is the gradual loss of fullness in the face and lips. This is caused by a changing of where fatty tissue is stored in the body, which shifts with biological stimulus. An individual need not be helpless in the face of the biology of aging. There are many ways to reverse the appearance of thin lips and augment the lip area for those who want a more youthful look. The wonders of modern medicine have provided the facial rejuvenation industry with innovative and safe measures with which to work.

Two procedures for lip augmentation

Two procedures used in facial rejuvenation for sculpting one’s lips are facial fat grafting or injections such as Juvederm or Botox. Both procedures work on the principle of restoring the appearance of tissue volume decreased by aging.

Juvederm is highly effective as an injection at softening the lines of one’s face and reducing age wrinkles. It is a substance found normally in the tissues and tendons of mammals and is readily absorbed by the body over time without ill effects. It can be used to create fuller lips.

Botox is also an injection made of a natural substance. Rather than injecting a filler into the lips, this treatment is aimed at reducing wrinkles around the mouth to provide a more youthful appearance.

Both injections are temporary measures and will require follow up visits to maintain one’s facial rejuvenation. The procedure is quick as is the recovery.

We provide a variety of options for lip augmentation. It’s best to talk to your plastic surgeon and dermatologist to determine which is the best method for your specific case. Contact our offices to learn more about our procedures and to schedule a consultation.

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