Infinity Sun Spray Tanning

Sunless Tanning With Infinity Sun Spray Tanning


Infinity Sun Spray Tanning unites the highest quality skincare products with all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanning blends. Together with enhancement products, these lotions prepare the skin for optimal sunless tanning results. With Infinity Sun’s unique aftercare regimen, our clients enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results.


Infinity Sun delivers the finest engineering in HVLP turbine technology enabling the certified dermatologists at LA Laser and Skin Center to provide you with the ultimate in sunless tanning and skin care treatments – and all in one system! Infinity sunless systems include a mobile spray tanning service, a dedicated room as well as both inbound and outbound services.

Why Infinity Sun Spray Tanning outshines other systems

The benefits of Infinity, when compared to other hand-held spray systems are easy to identify, including:

  • Least amount of overspray, meaning more solution ends up on you rather than on the floor and walls
  • Most efficient usage of solution
  • Quietest operation
  • Fastest, most consistent and most even application
  • True width control for quick 3-minute spray tans and customized body contouring at the turn of a knob
  • Longest lasting, most natural looking sunless tan leaving the skin youthful, hydrated and radiant.

LA Laser and Skin Center is proud to offer Infinity Sun Spray Tanning in our various locations throughout California and Nevada. Sunless tanning is one of the most effective, and safety, methods of acquiring a beautiful looking tan without damaging your skin.

One of our board certified dermatologists can help to determine if Infinity Sun Spray Tanning is right for you.

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