What types of hair loss treatments are available for men and women?

Whether you are a man or a woman, hair loss can be an extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing condition. Worse yet, while there have been so many advances in other medical conditions, it seems that if you suffer from hair loss, you’re helpless to stop it. However, there are many treatment options for hair loss that trained professionals, such as a certified dermatologist, can offer you. LA Laser and Skin Center remains a leading facility for the treatment of hair loss in both men and women.

What causes Hair Loss?

There are many causative factors for hair loss. These may include thyroid abnormalities, iron deficiency, autoimmune diseases, hormonal abnormalities, or the result of an underlying disease such as diabetes. Knowing the cause of your hair loss could help a dermatologist prescribe the best treatment plan for your unique situation. Consulting with a doctor about your hair loss is the first step toward treating your condition.

Hair Loss Treatments at LA Laser Center

Depending on the underlying cause of your hair loss, your doctor could prescribe one of a handful of treatment options. Treatment options could include regulating an overactive or underactive thyroid gland, correcting the imbalance of male or female hormones (known as androgens and estrogens), taking supplements, as well as other potential options. Additionally, fungal infections of the scalp can cause hair loss in children, however, it is easily treated with antifungal medicines. However, in most cases, alopecia tends to be due to genetic factors. Hair transplant is the mainstay of treatment and allows for outstanding results. The FUE NeoGraft is the most advanced robotic technique today and allows for the most natural aesthetically pleasing results.

Best Way to Combat Hair Loss?

The best way to combat hair loss is to treat it at the early signs. Examination by a medical professional is a must and should be performed as early as possible. By finding the cause of hair loss, many modalities can be used to prevent any further loss and to help grow new hair.

It’s best to work with a doctor or office that can offer you a variety of hair loss treatment options. There is no one-option-fits-all solution, thus being able to try out various treatment options will drastically increase your ability to overcome hair loss.


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