Finding the right skin care doctor

Finding the right skin care doctor / Photo: Not Actual Patient

Finding the right skin care doctor can be painful, especially when you have put it off, as many of us do, for as long as possible.


Dr. Daniel Taheri – Finding the right skin care doctor

Once you find A doctor you like, you must then find a way to stay with them. Great news for Dr. Daniel Taheri’s patients: LA laser is in 28 locations and counting, in several of which Dr. Taheri himself diagnoses and treats. His main focus: Skin Cancer.

While you can certainly book an appointment at LA Laser for your lip augmentation, cheek fillers and Botox injections, LA Laser Center is above all things a medical facility. Dr. Taheri trusts his on-staff Doctors to perform more of the cosmetic and laser procedures, so that he can focus on performing MOHS Micrographic surgeries.

What is MOHS, you ask? Under local anesthesia, the doctor gently removes the skin cancer from a location there the tissue must be preserved, such as the face. He promptly examines the specimen under a microscope to determine if the entirety of a tumor has been extracted, through staining and mapping the tissue.

What does Dr. Taheri know about skin cancer? Quite a bit, it would seem. He has written over 25 articles, published in various medical journals. Additionally, he co-authored a book entitled “Practical Management of Skin Cancer,” which is studied in Medical Schools across the US. In this, he describes the procedure in much more detail, and highlights the advantages of MOHS Surgery. “The surgery is performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting. It does not require overnight hospitalization” writes Taheri. “During the processing and reading of the slides, the patient may wait in the waiting room.” Great news for anyone who gets anxious about such results.

If you have a little something going on with your skin that you think should probably be checked out, sooner is always better than later. Finding the right skin care doctor made easy with Dr. Taheri.