Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting Procedure to Enhance Your Appearance

As a person becomes older, they might notice that their skin begins to sag and that they may develop hollowing in certain areas of the face, especially in the cheeks, lower eyelid, and smile line areas. This can cause the skin along the chin and cheeks of a person’s face to sag and look heavy – and this volume loss in the face can cause what is commonly referred to as the ‘jowls.’

When a person’s skin begins to sag or their cheeks begin to show that hollow effect, it can make a person look old and feel less confident about their appearance. The aging process begins the moment we are born. A small child’s face consists of all fat. As that child gets older, they begin to lose their baby fat. As we age, we continue to lose fat in our faces, particularly in areas where it becomes especially noticeable.

The benefits of fat grafting

Fat grafting is a way to change this aging process. The procedure involves taking fat from another area of your body where you don’t need it anymore and distribute it to problem areas that have lost fat because of aging. The procedure is an excellent way to create facial harmony and balance so that a youthful, rested look can be achieved. The fat taken for fat grafting is usually taken from body parts like the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks.

While many areas of plastic surgery tend to involve removing fatty tissue or tightening and removing skin in certain areas of the body, fat grafting gives people a new opportunity to restore volume to certain areas of the body where they have lost fat due to aging. When a person loses fat in their face as they age, it is called Lipoatrophy. It cannot be stopped, but there are now things that can be done to change the way a person feels about this aging process.

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