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Dermatology has been an often overlooked field of medicine; now, however many people are realizing what an important part skin plays in overall health. Not only does the skin help your body process and store Vitamin D, but also allows proper hydration. Skin is your most visible feature, it is also important that your skin looks its best, and a Bakersfield dermatologist can provide many different types of treatment for beautiful and healthy skin, especially in Bakersfield’s hot and dry desert climate.

Board-certified Bakersfield dermatologists offer numerous cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and scar and stretch mark removal. LA Laser Center specialists can provide resources and techniques to give you the skin that you have always dreamed of. Additionally, LA Laser Center in Bakersfield offers plastic surgery too.

When most people think of dermatology, they think of skin cancer treatment. This is definitely the most important service that we can offer to our clients in this area of Southern California. Not only can we perform surgery to remove moles, we also can provide screening against skin cancers, as well as mole mapping, mole checks and laser treatment. As the LA Laser Center is located in such a sunny climate, our clients need to be aware of the risks of excess sun exposure. A good Bakersfield dermatologist is a qualified skin cancer specialist and offers prevention tips in addition to treatment options.

For our clients with healthy skin who simply wish to remove blemishes or treat a minor condition such as warts or boils, we can offer state of the art treatments. In addition to lesion removal, we can also help our clients with psoriasis and rosacea. The Bakersfield Surgery Center will work with you and your insurance company to ensure that you get the highest quality skin care available.

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