The Dermatologists at Westwood Dermatology treat Angioma in Los Angeles, CA

Westwood Dermatology treats, examines, removes cherry angiomas — which are benign skin growths composed of blood vessels. An angioma is a commonplace skin condition that affects a lot of individuals, so you aren’t alone. Here at Westwood Dermatology we help people regain their confidence by removing these unsightly cosmetic blemishes from the surface of the skin. Our medical skin care clinic and dermatology office is located on Santa Monica Blvd in Westwood, CA.

What is Angioma

An angioma typically takes the appearance of a bright cherry-red color, but they can also appear as purple or black areas on the skin. When they are small you may not notice them, but they can also grow in clusters, increasing over time. A skin biopsy will be used to determine if the spot is not cancerous, which is generally the case. Angiomas are formed by cells surrounding blood vessels, and include the following types:

  • Cherry Angiomas: Cherry angiomas — also referred to as senile angioma or Campbell De Morgan spots — look like red clusters of dots. These may appear anywhere on the skin, and the spots increase with age.
  • Spider Angioma: Spider angiomas commonly occur during pregnancy for due to increased estrogen, and are a sign of liver problems. These angiomas are characterized by a red coloration in the veins that point away from a central red area.
  • Venous Lake: Venous lake occurs on the lip and is completely harmless, but it is also the most unsightly for individuals because of the location.

Treating Angioma

In order to treat angiomas Westwood Dermatology and Skin Cancer via the LA Laser and Skin Center utilizes a couple of different treatment methods. We use cryotherapy, as well as laser treatments, to remove these. Angiomas are typically noncancerous growths on the skin. If the angioma bleeds often or you notice discolored benign growths, this could be a sign of a more serious issue that would need to be seen by your doctor. Following a skin biopsy of your angiomas we can give you a medical diagnosis regarding treatment options.


Cryotherapy also known as cryosurgery involves freezing off the angioma. Local anesthetic is applied to the red coloration, and excision is used after the area is frozen. This method is best suited for visible angiomas that are smaller than a quarter of an inch in diameter. It is the least invasive form of treatment for angiomas.

Laser Treatments

Board-certified medical dermatologist Dr. Daniel Taheri uses laser treatments to remove cherry angiomas. If the angioma bleeds often laser treatment will cauterize the area so it ceases bleeding. While this treatment will remove all of the affected area, the discoloration may return with time.

Getting Treated at LA Laser Center

At Westwood Dermatology and Skin Cancer we want to help you by treating, examining and removing your cherry angioma. We are a part of the professional network of LA Laser Center. Here is why our clients choose our center for treating their visible angiomas:

  • LA Magazine voted our board-certified dermatologist Dr. Daniel Taheri as #1 dermatologist in LA.
  • For more than 18 years we have worked with angioma removal.
  • Our expertise ensures we will be able to diagnose your angiomas and determine the best possible course of treatment.
  • A value, our pricing schedule is flexible and transparent, granting you the professionalism and service of Beverly Hills dermatologists for a much more affordable price.